BIC Distro brings

over five decades of experience forging close relationships with independent creators to the comic book and graphic novel industry.



From left to right:

Milton Davis: Writer/Publisher

at MV Media. Chemist.


Andre Owens: Writer/Publisher at Hiro! Unlimited. Screenwriter.


Jason Reeves: Illustrator/Publisher at 133art Publishing. Art Director.



BIC Distro introduces Distribution services for independent POC creators


LOS ANGELES, Ca. -May 25, 2020 BIC Distro, a partnership formed by 133art, MVmedia, LLC and Hiro! Unlimited, is proud to offer comic book and graphic novel distribution specializing in content produced by independent POC creators. BIC will utilize state of the art distribution and printing service to provide new opportunities for POC independent creators and retail outlets. 

With the current changes to the comic book distribution system, independent creators are searching for avenues to retail outlets and readers. At the same time, many comic bookstores, bookstores and other retail outlets are seeking alternate suppliers for comic books and graphic novels, particularly those that represent the growing demand for diverse and inclusive titles. BIC Distro is well positioned to provide opportunities to both Black independent comic book creators and retailers seeking to enhance and highlight their offerings of more diverse content. 

The BIC Distro catalog contains an excellent initial collection of Black indie comic books and graphic novels. These offerings will expand as our distribution network grows. BIC Distro will focus its efforts on comic bookstores and retail outlets in strategic regions throughout the United States, eventually expanding to include other national outlets and international outlets.

For more information, contact us at: bicdistro@gmail.com