Taking place between Vol 1: Forgotten Stories and Vol 2: The Hornet’s Web, Is’nana the Were-Spider befriends a group of street and Showtime dancers named the Silencerz - Princess C, Gris Gris, and Krimsin, three inner city kids who spend their free time dancing and entertaining while hoping to make some change for their craft. Inspired by their moves, Is’nana is taken under their wing to spend the day with them, which includes Is’nana’s introduction to sushi, the subway system, entertaining an audience, and unfortunately dealing with issues common to children of color in an urban city - such as the run in with the police.


Written and Created by Greg Anderson Elysée

Pencils and Inks by Miguel Blanco

Colors by Angael Davis-Cooper

Letters by Deron Bennett

Bonus Back Up Story by David Brame

Cover by Khary Randolph


64pgs. Full color 15+

Is'nana the Were-Spider: Showtime

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