After defeating the steam drill in a race to build a railroad. john Henry finds himself transported into a different world where machines rule and hunt humans down for fuel. Is'nana and his father, Anansi the African Spider God of Stories, must find Henry and bring him back to his original world, but can they help Henry defeat the machine bent on hunting them down first?


Also, a young boy moves into a new home with his father and twin brother only to discover that it is being haunted by the Southern boogeymen, Rawhead and Bloody Bones. Can Is'nana save them in time?


Cover by: David Brame

Written and Created by: Greg Anderson Elysee

Art by: David Brame, Walter Ostlie, Lee Milewski, and Kat Aldrich

Letters by: Andworld Design


28pgs. Full color 15+

Is'nana the Were-Spider: The Ballads of Rawhead & John Henry

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