N'Shanga's trek of discovery. This pilgrimage began as he learned he's ancient Egypt's warrior sungod, Menthu. It has taken him around the world & ultimately to Egyptian lore’s mythic Khert Neter.


Issue #02 begins with Menthu/Rashan on the Tuat, with Anty the Oarman--a rotting corpse. (Predicting that Rashan will have a bumpy ride is probably easy to do—& accurate.) But at least Rashan is dimensions closer to being reunited with his father, the pantheon's wargod, Anhur. And much closer to learning his own origin. However, if Set—this pantheon’s paramount god of chaos, evil & dissidence—has his way, this reunion will be more of a funeral.


Cover by: Tony Stewart

Written by: Robert Roach

Line Art by: Robert Roach

Color Art: Larry Welch, Bryan Taylor, & Robert Roach

Letter Art: Bryan Taylor


32pgs. Full color 8+

Menthu #2

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