Hidden away in a secret sector of space is Tidereus Academy, an all-girl military school built into a large asteroid. The school teaches intergalactic diplomacy, assigning small groups of students, called Projects, on missions to deal with various conflicts within the galaxy. Of these groups, Project 45 is the most troubled, consisting of Beatrix- their stern leader with a dark side, Aestas- the mysterious, silent telepath and Taura- the hotheaded mechanical genius. The newest addition to the group is Carmen, a human sharpshooter transferring from another colony. Her talents should help her fit in, but will she ever gain the acceptance of the others?


Written by: Kal Mebane & Jay Hernandez

Line Art by: Kal Mebane, Yelena Mebane, & Jake Isenberg

Ink Art by: Jul Mae Kristoffer

Color Art by: Nicodemus Holroyd & Enigma Resolve


21pgs. Full color 15+

Project 45 #1

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