Tales From the Rhythmic-Zone is a graphic novel combining four stories created through Onli Studios: "NOG NU", "NOG is Back", "The Legend of the Azaniac", and "Wolfshead".  The majority of the book is based on the character of NOG, a staple character in the Black Age of Comics Movement started and created by Turtel Onli in Chicago back in 1980s (1981 to be exact).

The main character is known as NOG: The Protector of the Pyramids, protecting the inhabitants of Planet Nubia; a spiritually and technologically advanced race of people from deep in the reaches of outer space.  NOG is the result of the union between a Virgin Nubian woman, and "a comet set forth by the sun on the perfect day of peace", he has the power to change form at the speed of thought.  


Cover by: Ashley Woods
Written by: Turtel Onli
Art by: Turtel Onli

56pgs. Full color 15+

Tales From the Rhythmic-Zone

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