After a successful Kickstarter campaign, The Roach: At War with the Cause, is now available!


The body count begins in chapter one & continually mounts through the end of chapter four as The Roach dispenses deadly justice on Chicago's South Side.


Set between World Wars 1 & 2, “The Roach: At War with The Cause” is an award-winning graphic novel, featuring a nearly nameless anti-hero as its driving protagonist.


A shadow organization, The Cause, has risen to prominence & brings its plans to become the Windy City's driving force to fruition—in gangland & at city hall. The Cause's leaders are steadily sweeping aside the organization's hoodlum opposition. The group is also amassing disposable foot soldiers in case warfare in the streets might break out by reaching into the city's Black community.


To execute the latter stratagem, The Cause has co-opted the skills of “Rev.” Hot Rod Lockett—the Black Belt's most popular “evangelist” of that moment. Ever-willing to sell out anybody to get ahead, Lockett is in the middle of using his manipulative talents to garner this shock group for “the man.” The future—for the sell-out & for The Cause—seems bright.


'Roach's four-(chapter) arc transcends the 'judge, jury, and executioner' cliches of its pulp magazine forerunners. Though the bad guys are bad guys and Roach makes no apologies for them, he never lets them become one-dimensional. The same is true for his heroes and supporting characters. By need, circumstance, or cause, they are natural to this place and time, imbuing Roach's story with a keen sense of reality.' - Tony Isabella, creator of Black Lightning


132pgs. Black and White 15+

The Roach: At War with the Cause Roach

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